Wednesday, July 14, 2004

First steps

I'm working on a lot of things. One of them is just doing stuff. Not waiting until it's perfect. Not checking out all the angles. Trusting myself enough to know that if I want to do it then it's worth trying.

I've wanted a Blog for a long time. I waffle between thinking I'd be good at it and wondering why I'm so damned interested in the lives of people I've never met.

You know what? Everyone and their dog has a blog these days. If I like this I'll have 2 pretty soon. One for here and one for events that will link to my web site ( And, particularly for this one, it doesn't matter if I'm good at it. And, if all they say is true, I'll get better at it the more I try.

Right now, no one knows that I have this. At least for the next few minutes no one even has a way to search for me. So I can do whatever I want.

I'll post all sorts of stuff here. Stories and ramblings and opinions without back up and erotica and who knows what else. I have no idea where to start. So this is it. A start. A way to get over the first tough step.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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