Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Things that happened last night

Friend of a friend's going away party. She's moving to Scotland.

Stupid Theatre Friend calls with no warning needing a place to stay, oh yeah and also his TD who I don't know from Adam.

They show up at my house after bedtime.

TD is assmonkey.

Get the call that tells me they're moving her to a nursing First I heard of it.

Call dad to vent on the first I heard of it. Find out that not only did he know about the move (assumed mom would tell me) he spent last Thursday asking mom for a divorce. (n.b. This is not a big leap as they haven't lived in the same state since I was in Jr. High but the fact that the word divorce has left someone's lips is a monumental change in status quo.)

Spend 45 minutes discussing mother's and father's emotional state. For those reading the fun meter on this one it's at about a .5.

Crying. Lots of crying. I can't stop thinking about her spending her first night in that place all by herself tonight. I just wish someone had told me.

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