Monday, September 06, 2004

Point A to Point B and that's it

I'm freakishly linear. Anyone who knows me is possibly wondering how I'm just figuring this out now. And I'll tell you.

I keep rearranging my furniture. I do it in my head and I do it for real every so often. I'm looking for the perfect exact arrangement so I never have to move anything ever again because I like things to be set and understandable. No pressure there, "You better think carefully about where you put this couch because it's going to stay there for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!"

I just moved the ridiculous number of chairs I have and my table and when I looked at them after moving them in what I thought was a pleasantly logical way and discovered that they're all lined up against the wall like dodgeball victims.

My bed is actually at a jaunty angle in the bedroom. For about 3 days now I've been dreaming about lining it up flush with a wall.

I crave more room in a city where there just isn't much. I have too much stuff. I could probably cut down on some of it but that's going to take a while. In the meantime lining up all my furniture against the walls opens up a straight corridor from the bathroom to the front door and that makes for wide open spaces.

I am so Capricorn it's not even funny.

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