Monday, September 13, 2004

Things those boys could have done...

...instead of discussing their eating habits at many decibels outside my window from 11:30 to 2 last night.

- Worked. Might I suggest jobs like bartending in a crowded club or teaching in an unruly high school, something that makes you hoarse so you can't talk loudly afterwards.

- Written down the eating habits and sexual stories. That's quiet. And creative! I'm pretty sure the scratch of pen to paper wouldn't have woken me up.

- Studied. Say, take some classes in psychology, specializing in conflict resolution even and do your studying after the quiet curfew at 10pm. I'm telling you, that conflict resolution stuff is going to come in handy when I lose my shit and start shooting them with my water pistol.

- It's another work one but it's worth mentioning, manned the 311 phone lines. They need help all night long and it would have shortened my wait on hold last night.

- Aren't there some after midnight volunteering opportunities? They say that charity begins at home, they could have at least gone home and maybe cleaned the bathroom or done the dishes for whoever puts up with their inconsiderate asses every frigging day.

- Slept.

If I hadn't been so fucking tired I would have gone downstairs and registered them to vote. It wouldn't have shut them up but it would have been useful and it would have confused the hell out of them.

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  1. It's all about keeping them confused. How come we only wind up in bed with the ones that fall asleep instead of staying up all night?
    Use#100 for boys outside your window who cannot sleep.