Saturday, January 01, 2005

Before tonight

Before tonight I might have said that any New Year celebration without bloodshed was a good one.

Well, after tonight I can broaden my parameters.

Yes, though I spent the evening in my pajamas, there was bloodshed at my celebration.

Not to worry, it wasn't mine.

Sadly, I didn't inflict the punishment.

There was a dog visiting. He likes cats. In a biblical knowledge sort of a way. I have always kept him leashed in my house because I know that this sort of love can be harmful. His girl felt secure in unleashing him tonight. My cat, Elvis, unleashed a can of whoopass in celebration. Apparently when she got to the scene there was a cat claw sticking out of Teddy's nose. EWE!

A lot of blood.

And yet, we had a pretty good time. Watched some bad TV (and some good), ate some yummy cheese, some luscious (cooked) chocolate pudding and drank a bottle of champagne.

So, my horizons are broadened, even a little bloodshed can't ruin the ringing out of the old year.

I'm looking forward to 2005. I have high hopes for it. But right now I have to get my chicken out of the crockpot.

New year's rocking eve indeed.

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