Monday, January 24, 2005

Common Sense of Snow

So, it snowed here. Not as much as was feared. Far, far less than say, at my dad's house. They got 3 feet. Not a typo, that's really feet, not inches. Had to clear a place for the dog to pee so he wouldn't get buried, or stick.

We got about 15 inches. It's inconvenient but not impossible. It's our transit system that's kicking our collective Big Appled Ass. Check out and read the article about the fire on the C line and the other fun we've had.

However, the snow does have lessons to teach.

15 inches of snow is too much snow for you to be able to rock your car out.

No. Really. Trust me.

This evening I was walking the dog past a couple of people digging out their mid-range SUV. There was an older gentleman watching them. Finally he spoke up, "Is that 4 wheel drive?"

All I could do not to break in, "Sir, SIR! 4 wheel drive does not give one the ability to levitate. By definition one's 4 wheels must have something of substance upon which to DRIVE." You frigging idiot.

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Way back when I was learning to drive, I lived in Alaska. Everyone should learn to drive in Alaskan snow. Pro: less stupidity causing needless damage to cars, trees, telephone poles, fire hydrants, and guardrails whenever it snows more than a fraction of an inch. Con: less stupidity about which to blog. Pretty much sixes, eh?