Wednesday, February 16, 2005 that woman

"There's just something sad about a woman with raggedy drawers."
Warrick Brown

I have to confess it. I'm wearing raggedy drawers. They weren't exactly show stopping when they were new. Although I do believe they were free which, made them attractive at least in some respect. Now? Now they are laundry day panties. I don't understand how cotton can get runs but these have runs like you get in pantyhose. Also, they're kind of gray and dingy and they have a saggy ass pouch that just isn't sexy at all.

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get into some sort of accident where the doctors or the criminalists will have to see my undies.

And please, please don't tell Warrick.


  1. As silly as this sounds I have asked myself the same question about the runs ... how does cotton run?

  2. I do not know. Sadly, the next day around noon I realized I was wearing another pair of raggedy drawers. Clearly it's time to give some cash to the Victoria's Secret people.