Sunday, March 06, 2005

My brain

Don't you hate it when, right before you fall asleep, you think of something you really want to write about and the next morning that's all you can remember, that there was something you really wanted to write about?

There were examples and everything.



  1. UGH! That happens to me ALL the time. I have a system, though, which sometimes helps. When I think of something I need to remember for the next day, I'll either toss a pillow in the middle of the room or move my bracelet from one hand to the other. I'll wake up the next morning and notice a thing out of place, and that's often (though not ALWAYS) enough to trigger the memory.

  2. I should think of something like that to do. I did at least remember that I'd thought of something. Just couldn't for the life of me think WHAT. Then finally I remembered what I'd thought to write about just as I was about to give the pooch her last walk last night. Made some notes and maybe I'll get to it soon. It wasn't quite as intriguing on second inspection.