Monday, March 07, 2005

My people? They live a loooooong time.

Everyone please give a hearty congratulations and a chorus of For She's a Jolly Good Fellow to my Great Aunt Rena. She turns 90 today. She tells me that every year, even at their most poor, they always had a birthday cake so this will be her 90th cake. Technically her 90th and her 91st since mom made one and Rena made one but once you hover around 90 cakes why get picky?

I sent her a cookbook I started (it's progressive) from recipes that her sister (my grandmother) gave me and she loved it. Even thought I was very clever. That isn't always the case. I mailed it to her in plenty of time because I don't trust the postal service but marked the envelope with helpful notes like, "Not to be opened by recipients younger than 90." However, Rena was tired and a little sad when it arrived 2 days early and she thought, "I'd like to know what's in this." So she opened it up, sat down and spent an hour or so reading it cover to cover. Then she wrapped it back up and opened it again today.

I'd write more about her but that story? It describes her perfectly and anything else I say will just be icing.

Happy Birthday Aunt Rena! And many more.

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