Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm OK

Yes, this happened.

Yes it's very close to my office.

No, theres no serious damage.

Yes, I had to come to work today.

No, my commute wasn't affected.

No, I don't think that there will be other incidents following.

Yes, I'm OK, perfectly fine.

Thanks for asking, though.


  1. I wondered, as I listened to the NPR reports about it on my way to work yesterday morning, if you would be affected in any way by it. Though when I heard that they were toys stuffed with gunpowder and that the only damage was to a window and a flower box, AND that it happened at some obscene hour of the morning, I didn't worry too much. I have no concept of where you're working now - I was just getting used to your former place of business and I have NO concept of where the British consulate is - so I didn't know if the disruption in subway service would be a drag for you at all. It's a pretty big city, and a pretty small incident, so I really didn't give it much thought. I'm saving my worry for big stuff...

  2. I'm glad that you are. It's tough to know when to let people know and when to let it pass. Turns out no one associated me with this one, though it's the one I've been closest to of late. But I figure may as well let people know, and setting a precedent for giving the all clear on the blog seems good.