Monday, May 09, 2005

Love you, Mom. Nice tat!

Once a month Pony Express and I get together with a group of friends for brunch. The cast list varies with availability and the whole point of the gathering is to vary the location but we do have one fixed tradition, Mother's Day. On Mother's Day we gather at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in the West Village. It's the unofficial home of our brunch group. My mom happened to be in town for it once, Pony Express' mom sometimes comes in and aside from that we're open to any and all mothers. We had 3 this year as well as a few non-mom attendees, Marky B, C-ann and SK was in from the land of William Wallace.

I am well aware that my mom is not my only mom. I grew up with a number of female role models who took their resopnsibility as part of the proverbial village fairly seriously. I try to keep up the good work with the next generation. I don't know that I'm quite as successful as, say, Auntie Blanche, but I try and it's the thought that counts, right?

As such I spent a lot of time at yesterday's brunch talking to, drawing with, cuddling and giving and receiving raspberries (aka Zrrbits, tm Bill Cosby) with Alita. Oddly enough I was the one who got restless in my seat, not her. So, near the end of brunch I included C-ann in our Zrrbiting extravaganza. Then I carried Alita over to Marky B to give him the gift of toddler saliva which he received with great good humor. But still, I didn't feel like going back to my seat where Carmencita was being read the riot act by BeBe. So off we wandered. As we got to the end of the table I noticed something I'd never seen before. SK has an elaborate tattoo on her lower back and her shirt had ridden up showing it off. Completely oblivious to the line of toddler logic along which I had been leading Alita I pressed my finger to SK's spine and said, "Hey, look at that. Isn't that cool?"

Alita leaned down and gave it a good raspberry!

Thank GOODNESS everyone laughed or I would have felt really, really bad. SK wins the good sport trophy for the day. OK, well, she shares it with C-ann who happily took Alita to the restroom with her, something I weaselled out of.

Moms are cool! And so are Zrrbits.

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