Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Thank you Anne

This summer a few people I know are getting married. My UnBrother is marrying an Iranian Princess, TA is marrying the president of the AV Club and Professor Doctor is marrying that guy she lives with. Not surprisingly this is a major topic of conversation wherever I go. A couple of my favorite exchanges:

"They've invited 20 more people but they swear most of them won't come."
"Oh. Kay. Well how many can the place fit?"
"Um, 75 for sure but probab..."

"But they won't be able to see our feet! We could be naked from the waist down!"
"Will you be?"
"No! Of course not, just doesn't seem right for a wedding."

And, of course, the inevitable I-Me-Me-I dance, performed by and large by the parents.

In light of all this I find I yearn for happy wedding and marriage stories.

Yesterday a fine actress and absolute rock of a woman, Anne Bancroft, died of uterine cancer.

In the course of the tributes to her the news shows are also memorializing her 41 year marriage to notorious genius/wacko, Mel Brooks. These two stories made me happy:

"From across the room he yelled to me, 'I'm Mel Brooks!' He looked like my father, acted JUST like my mother, I knew this was the one for me."

"I get excited every time I hear his key in the door because I know the party is about to start."

Thanks Anne, we needed that.

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