Monday, August 01, 2005


It's nice to sing with a band. I mean, it's nice to sing, period, but it's really nice to sing with a band backing you up. I've only done it a few times before and I keep relegating it to "Special Occasion".

For the past month or so I've been getting together with Marky B and C-ann to prep a song we're singing for ProfDoc's wedding and man it's FUN. Practicing is fun (I am the worst about practicing, if I ever practiced in my whole childhood I'd actually be able to play the piano now, but I didn't so I can't). But when you have a band and everyone comes in knowing at least SOMEthing then you can practice and every time you run through a song everyone learns something and, you know, we don't sound half bad.

As I unpacked my knapsack this morning I pulled out the tape we made yesterday so I can rehearse on my own (since I didn't practice the piano, or the guitar or the trombone or the clarinet or the spinnet or anything else when I was a kid I need the musicians who did and do practice to make me a tape) with the back up and everything and I sang before I left for work. And let me tell you, singing makes me feel good. I got up late, I rushed a bit, my house is a wreck but I felt good from the singing.

This is the point at which, if you're working with a career counsellor or life coach, you hear the following:

"That's good. Let's acknowledge that feeling and see if we can incorporate it into your long term goals and find actions to further that goal in the short term. Nice work!"

As a matter of fact since I do work with one of those people and I will talk about this tonight I'm going to hear a version of that sometime in the 9-o-clock hour. But, since I've been working with her for about 4 years I said all that stuff myself and I realized that I've got to do more singing.

Which all comes down to: I'm going to make that CD.

What CD? you ask.

Carolann said I should make a CD (she heads her own record label, she can say stuff like that). I've been idly listening to music and trying to figure out what songs to sing (suggestions are welcome, please put them in the comments) but I've been dragging my heels a bit due to the price tag. Estimates agree that it will cost around $10,000. For someone who is saving her pennies manically for a time when she could maybe take 6 months off to write and read and rehearse and create, spending money on pretty much anything is hard. I really wanted a stupid Chantico from the Evil Empire this morning but the mean CPA in me was glad that the one Stormtrooper didn't know what the hell I was talking about and the head Stormtrooper confirmed they didn't have any.

I think I'm going to start with the title track off this disc. I better go e-mail Miss Julie and ask her to send me the chart.

I mean, really, it's not like they're going to ask me to pay it all at once, right?

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