Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some thoughts

So, everyone is married. I've got two 95th birthday celebrations (same birthday girl, just 2 parties) to go and then the summer of enormous life events will be a sweet, confusing memory to be sorted and cider...Mmmmmm, cider, I like mulled cider.

OK, I'm back. Here are those thoughts I promised.

Cupcake wedding cakes are a good idea.

It doesn't matter how expensive or well made your fancy shoes are, eventually you will need to rip them from your feet and throw them at a wall...hard.

I haven't had the pooch with me this week (This break sponsored by Papa Kizz and P. Thank you!) and partly it's made life a lot easier. I mean, to come home from a late night out or a long day working or a combo platter (hello, yesterday, I do not miss you) and not to have to then get changed and walk the dog or to have to get up early enough to walk the dog before those days is an enormous treat. But walking home last night and tonight I've realized that I'm also missing that part of getting home where there's a little structure, a method of decompression and that walking in and giving the dog some attention and hanging out reduces my blood pressure and as much as my legs don't miss it my soul does. Turns out that it helps me more than it helps her. Who knew?

Last but certainly not least, the person who devised a health care plan that does not cover breast cancer treatment should rot in hell. Soon.

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