Thursday, August 18, 2005

Things my mother taught me

If you use condoms as water balloons they sound like crystal shattering when they break.


  1. DAMN my birth control pills!!! Because of them, I have no condoms laying around to see if this is really true! Not that I don't TRUST Mom, per se, it's just that I know her well enough to know that she's not above trying to put one over on us young and impressionable types.....

  2. Well, she told me this ages ago. Apparently she had occasion to toss them off of a dorm roof in her college years. The get quite large when you fill them so you have to roll them onto a towel and sort of cradle them. I've never tried it but always wanted to.

  3. Ok - THIS is definitely on the agenda when I come to visit you next! A box of Trojans, a ready water supply, some towels for carrying the filled "balloons" and some unwitting potty-mouths hanging out underneath your bedroom window. What more fun could I POSSIBLY ask for?!?