Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Well, hell if I know!

Since I wrote about my dear friend who is dying I've had a few people talk to me about it. It's a new phenomenon for me to see when people will comment on the site and when they only feel comfortable doing it one on one. They were nice comments and I felt good about it.

Last night ChemE called so I could keep her company while she fought the technology gods and got her laptop set up (wireless, baby!).*

As she poked buttons and fussed and fumed (rightly, I might add) she dropped into the conversation, "I read your blog..about Mrs. X."

Wow. I had no idea she was reading. I thought she had probably lost the url and wouldn't be interested.

And then she dropped the bomb, "I get it. Me too. So, what do we do now?"

This is one of the gajillion reasons that I love her. Just when you think she isn't paying attention you find out that not only has she been paying close attention she's gotten right to the heart of the matter while the rest of us were dicking around with details.

I have no idea what we do now. I'm hoping one of us figures it out soon, though.


*ChemE: I'm wireless!

Me: Are you in the bathroom yet?

ChemE: No, there were things and I had to put the line into the modem and then I was on the phone for an hour waiting to talk to someone in INDIA!

Me: Oh so you had to wire up to something?

ChemE: No, I'm wireless!

Me: So go into the living room.

ChemE: It's doing stuff. Antivirus stuff.

Me: From the internet, right?

ChemE: Yeah

Me: Go into the living room

ChemE: Ooookaaay, I'll see if it...oh! hey! It's still working! I'm in my living room!

Me: Cool, huh?

ChemE: Wow the light in here is so much better.

Also the comfy chair, the TV and the dog. I didn't tell her that I wandered my apartment (much smaller than her house) for days flipping from blog to blog to see if it worked in every nook and cranny when I went wireless.

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