Wednesday, September 07, 2005

(Finally) Kissed the Girl!

Take a good look at those lips, 'cause shortly after this photo was taken [The. Boy.] KISSED THEM!

I have known Quewlkat since she was 3 years old. I should know by now that she's not exactly the kind of person who just lets something go once she's set her sights on it. In this case she set her sights on True Love (awwwwwwww).

When she was 14 I showed up at her place for dinner one night and was ushered onto the living room sofa and shown a video of [name omitted to protect the innocent-ish] being the appropriately intelligent average teen on a big group hug teen interview thingamajig. The video was accompanied by live running commentary on his (many and varied) admirable attributes.

In the intervening years [that guy she luuuuuurvs] has been lightly sprinkled into conversation but always as a secondary character, never the focus of conversation but lovingly dropped. Like the smaller statues in a Rodin exhibit, not taking center stage like The Kiss (heh) but carefully placed and well lighted so that if one wanted to one would be free to examine its perfection.

Today's IM went something like this:

Q: KIZZY!!!!!!!

K: Hey


K: No, please, tell me.

Q: [The perfect, fabulous, intelligent, amazing, delectable guy] KISSED ME!!!!!!!!!

K: Oh.

K: My.

K: God.

Apparently after some studied "hanging out" over the summer he waited until the very last day, the night of the last day, I'm guessing pretty late on the night of the last day before Quewlkat left for her sophomore year of college to put the moves on my little baby girl.

Later in our conversation she was telling me she had refrained from blurting, "Well, that's out, let's get hitched!" She's not a terribly girly girl but she actually typed, "Getting married would be nice." My cavities ache.

Hey, I'm not disparaging her iron will, she waited 7 years, she smoked him out and he finally did the kissing.

Well done [Adonis], let's not wait this long for the next one, shall we?

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