Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's simple

For a year I lived in a two horse town a couple hours north of Detroit. I worked for an educational (hah!) theatre company. We had 5 or 6 teams of 3 people each that brought live theatre to the children of the midwest.

On Employee Appreciation Day each week a bunch of us would sit out on the porch of the managers' house, drink beer (both ginger and alcoholic) and complain. Our biggest complaints were slackers and divas. Our response to that was always, "Just DO your JOB!" Have your period? Drank too much last night? Going through a bad breakup? Well, that's all very touching but let's do the moaning and complaining after you've done your chores, please.

And we were just driving, moving scenery and singing some cheesy songs.

Last night I saw an event that should actually be in the encyclopedia to illustrate the phrase, "Just do your job!" In the face of some fairly major distractions (oh, you know, the threat of fiery death and the like) a pilot for Jet Blue made a (to borrow Pony Express' phrase) pitch perfect crash landing. Everyone on board survived and the fire department wasn't even required. It was awe inspiring to watch.

I hope that S/He was provided with the drink and sexual favor of her/his choice immediately after the plane was evacuated.

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