Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Busted by the Married People (Part Deux)

Scene: Quaint Vietnamese restaurant near Union Square that serves the traditional Vietnamese Pad Thai before we go see Serenity. The discussion has, predictably turned to the Gilmore Girls.

Me: You know, every time I see Logan I like him and it always feels as though it's against my better judgement and yet I like him.

TA: Nope.

Me: I know, I know it's wrong but it's the moment when he comes to check on her and comfort her after they get out of jail and he says, "Ace, you need to tell me why we're committing a felony next time. It doesn't mean I won't still do it, I just need to have all the facts."

TA: Nope

Me: (verging on the whiny) But why?

TA: (nodding sagely) It's about the way they act in front of other people. That's how you know.

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