Monday, October 17, 2005

Friends who are girls

It's the thing about girlfriends, really.

There's a UPS package that's supposed to be delivered to Pony Express' house. It's important that it's UPS because they are tetchy about rerouting, they won't work with you about what time something can be delivered and if you don't receive the package by the third attempted delivery it goes to the "local" pick up point for a week before it's returned to sender. Here in boisterous Brooklyn one's "local" pick up point is usually between 5 and 10 miles away from where you live and not accesible by public transportation so if you don't have a car or a really kindly friend with a car and time (between 8 and 6) to drive out and get your package you're out of luck or paying $30 round trip (in addition to the shipping charge you've already paid) to get your stuff.

So, package, to Pony Express' house, 2nd attempt and she's missed him even though she ran like the wind to get home to catch the man in brown. This phone call:

P: Where are you?

Me: I'm getting off the bus.

P: You're on the bus?

Me: I'm getting OFF the bus.

P: Can you see any UPS trucks by your house?

Me: No, because I'm on the other bus and I'm three blocks away.

P: Damn!

So, I headed home with my eyes peeled for men in short pants and unflatteringly ringed socks. And I found 2, well 2 trucks at least. I saw one parked on the main street but he was parked between 2 high rises and I couldn't see the actual man in the truck, if he was in a high rise it could be ages before he came out. But down the smaller street was another truck by some brownstones. I went to him first.

He was the guy who had just missed Pony Express!

So, I flattered, I pleaded, I explained a little more than he cared to know. Finally I got him to come up with the idea that I should sign for it and deliver it for him so he could continue on his route and not have to double back.

Oh I am so selfless to help a man in brown like that.

And this is what it's lke to have good girlfriends. People who will send you on a brief adventure amongst the mundane. People who will make sure that your dry shoes get to you even though UPS wants your toes to be forever pruny. People who can call you up mid-commute and ask you what you can see from there and be totally serious.

Stupid, but man, that was fun!

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  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Thank You! I love that my needing help can turn into an adventure in your mind! The shoes were much appreciated. there is a beer in your future.
    The good thing about good girlfriends is that you know they will be there when you need them. to chase delivery men, check on cats, and share the simple joys of celebrating simply having survived another week with chineese food and champange. thanks for being there. -P.E.