Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dodge This!

I wish I'd had this question to pose at the beginning of DeLurking week.

King Bee is playing in a Dodge Ball tournament next month. It'll be him, another teacher and some HS students*. I'm trying to help come up with a name for the team and it turns out this is a lot harder than it looks. So far we've got a few thoughts but no clear winner.

The Dodge a Lots (from Papermoon)
The Artful Dodgers (which I think is funny but I'm not sure how much of the Dodge Ball viewing public is going to get that)
Ouch (this is my idea of humor)
The Oilers...because we will drill you (current fave, it'd look great on a t-shirt)

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I thought I might play around with something about the Brooklyn Dodgers or Dodge Ram Tough but so far those avenues are not yielding results. I even tried to make something out of Muhammed Ali's "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" but again, no dice.

*I went to a Dodge Ball web site and found a team whose motto is "Take life by the ball" which I love but it's not really school-appropriate.

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