Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Great Idea Receptacle 2

A memoiresque novella-length piece called A Christmas-Shaped Hole in My Heart. When I couldn't sleep last night I was mapping it out. It'll either be novella-length or War and Peace length.

Update on other goals: I just booked a rehearsal space for this weekend's rehearsal of the Chekhov piece and I am unreasonably excited. I've been putting on plays on my own since I was 11, possibly earlier, so I don't know why this process is suddenly making me so quivery. But it is. I love these actors and I'm enjoying this play and this process a whole bunch.

I was talking to some friends last night about themes for 2005 and one of my themes was Ask...and ask again. It's been so true of this blog as well as in the rest of life. And to prove it I got this great e-mail from Mflohny (am I spelling that right?) last night that offered me information on the actual need for romance novel authors and a recommendation for a record producer, recorder dude. I love that! I love this blog! I love you all!

It's amazing that I'm back at work after a near 2 week vacation and am still feeling this good.


  1. I see nothing at all "unreasonable" about being excited about getting one of your pieces off the ground. Though I've never had the artistic experience, per se, I remember well the giddy anticipation of my children's arrivals and I'm betting you're feeling much the same thing - wild excitement and abject terror?

  2. Chekhov! Arrh! Slowly I turn!:
    The bastards at the day job today cut a poignant reference to the Chekhovian principle (If a gun hangs from the
    wall in the first act of a play, etc.) from an article I wrote about Einstein and Fritz Haber. A little too long for them, it seems. These people have no sense of history or theology, I say! Well, ahem, I guess I'm back to work too.
    Good luck, enjoy, and ask again even.

  3. Sher, I wasn't feeling the terror until you mentioned it! Now I've got, "Oh god what if everyone hates it!" even though it's already been seen so I know that it's unlikely that EVERYone will hate it.

    Vanx, it's not even 7am and I can't remember the rest of the gun principle, that's gonna bug me. Will you fill in the blank?

  4. "...it must fire in the last"

  5. OK, that's what I thought but I jsut couldn't get the brain to admit it was true.