Saturday, January 14, 2006

I know, but my brain?

My brain, she still keeps thinking.

A month or 2 ago I ran into my friend, Alex, on the street. He was talking to another music guy and explaining this fabulous deal he'd gotten on some equipment. For like $40, a tenth of the regular price, he'd gotten some cool speakers or amplifiers or something, I don't remember. The hitch is that the equipment needed to be repaired before it could be used and whether or not it could be repaired was unclear. Apparently his judgement on this purchase was being questioned.

My comment, "Oh for christ's sake you could blow that on a cab, it's a great deal!"

Alex's reply, "How is it possible that some guy hasn't snapped you up?"

Now, I know that he was giving me a compliment of the highest order. But my brain just keeps playing this over and over. Alex has impeccable taste in women, anyone who has met his girlfriend knows that, so if he doesn't know why I'm still single then what the hell? How am I supposed to figure that out? I thought he might offer some sort of fucking insight and he's just as clueless as I am. Well crap!

It was a nice thing to hear anyway, though.

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  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Well, if he has impeccable taste in women, and he doesn't get it, than obviously, the answer is that too many men DON'T have impeccable taste in women!