Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A little snippet of the trip

Here's an action shot of Mrs. X and Mama Kizz. We were ingesting copious amounts of sugar at the time.

Mrs. X has just been introduced to this blog and she says she keeps looking for herself and getting disappointed. Now, I've written about her before but she hasn't gotten that far, I guess. So, here's a little something for her. I hope she can come in out of the beautiful weather down there in FL for a couple of minutes to catch this entry.

Isn't her haircut great? Queen Bee's dad, Joe the Barber, did it. There's a long story about that which I'll tell later when I've got more time.

This is a hail, hail the gang's all here shot. OK, admittedly not the whole gang but a healthy portion thereof.

ChemE and I try to take Auntie Blanche out for lunch at some point in our home trips for the holidays. Well, we try to do it every time we're home but the holiday one tends to be a bigger deal.

We sat at this table and talked and laughed and got presents for probably close to 3 hours. At one point Auntie Blanche talked about how glad she was to be at a table where people were capable of conversation. Apparently at the home they mix up the tables instead of having all the wanderers and all the chatters and all, er, those who are non copus mentis at separate tables. I believe that right now she's seated across from a lady who giggles occasionally and that's about it. She's willing to pull her weight and do what she can but it's pretty depressing.

This group more than made up for any lack of conversation she's been having at table. Chalk the Auntie Blanche luncheon up as a Christmas tradition that I love.

And see that cool scarf I'm wearing? Queen Bee knit it herself. How long has she been knitting you may ask. Since Thanksgiving. Yes, she's a powerhouse.

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