Sunday, February 12, 2006

Miracle #9

So, as of this morning I've got one more.

9. A foot of snow + foggy eyeglasses + granite steps + klunky boots + strong dog = Bob Saget-worthy skid down a set of steps out of the park. Fortunately a somewhat, er, cushiony behind + a certain amount of "practice" falling = not so big a deal.

Well, my camera did fall out of my pocket and sink into 6 inches of snow. I was really worried about it. I kept turning it on but just getting a blotchy white screen. At some point it occured to me to clear the snow off of the lens and it seems to be none the worse for wear. Thus I give you a photographic tour through the neighborhood today.

I know she's got some sled dog in her. She could not be happier as we start out into the snow. She's trotting along at Olympic pace, smiling for all she's worth.

My neighbor was heard to say, "They're playing football?!" I'm thinking it's a smart move, the snow cushions your fall. Sadly I missed getting a shot of the diving catch into a snowbank that happened right before this.

Portia is the big dog. She is totally blind. And yet, her girl helpfully dragged her into the snow so I could show you how much snow had fallen. These are not drifts, people have not added to them by shoveling. What Portia is standing in is just what fell from the sky.

Random neighborhood shot on my way to the park this morning.

Car shot, so you can see car accumulation, even with some serious wind.

Apparently God doesn't care if there's a foot of snow, s/he still thinks you need to go to church today. That's why s/he invented that snowblower the poor man on the right is using. I did not manage a picture of the giggly little old ladies who came out of the other side of the church, clutching each other while they broke a path through the snow.

After I fell I decided it was time to go home. The dog was loving the snow so much that I felt a little guilty cutting her time short. This picture (and her snail's pace on the walk home) prove that I did the right thing.

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  1. Great! This has been a kick-ass blizzard. I think we needed it.