Thursday, March 02, 2006

Old Wives Tale?

He's here! MusicBaby is here! He weighed in at 6lbs 13 ozs and the whole family is well and happy and tired.

He arrived yesterday in the afternoon and I'm pretty sure that was his due date. Which makes makes 2 babies in as many weeks chiming in within a few hours of the actual predicted day of arrival. I had always heard that first babies are notoriously late. Perhaps this is an Old Wives' tale perpetuated by sitcom writers who need some conflict for a sweeps month episode.

I don't know that I'll be able to tell you how excited I am to meet this kid. If you know me at all I'm not a real public crier if I can help it. I try to confine the episodes to darkened movie theatres and funerals...of family members. (And with my family even at those you can get the fish eye for the public boo hoo.) I got the announcement from the MusicFamily hours ago and I haven't been able to write this until now because just thinking about him and them and the whole cool thing keeps making me cry. I'm at work. I work in an open plan office. My desk faces everybody else.

I'm under control for now. I don't know how I'll be when I actually see the kid, though. I've been waiting for him for so long. I'm only telling you people this because I'm counting on his parents to be too enamored of him and too tired to go surfing about the internet for a while. I know they love me and respect me and trust me but I'm still afraid that my current level of fervor may totally squick them out. I've been waiting for him for years. I'm nobody's grandma, I'm not all, "So when will we hear the pitter patter of little feet?" I don't think it's a requirement for every person or even every couple to have kids. But for about five years I've wondered what this kid, what this family, would be like if/when he were ever to show up. I can't wait to meet him. I can't wait to read stories to him. I can't wait to rock out at his parents' concerts with him. I just can't wait to hang out and watch him grow up into a super cool member of one of the coolest families I know.

And now I'm crying again.


Welcome to the world little guy, I'll be the one over here in the corner taking pictures. Love you! Kizz


  1. All right, I'm haikued out. Another beauty. Have you noticed he and Paper have matching blankets? Congrats to your friends.

  2. What I want to know is, does the person who made up the nationwide- appropriately-neutral-pink-and-blue-stripey-indestructible baby blanket get a residual check from every newborn photo ever taken?

  3. I don't know about the check, but I do know that we were specifically told by the hospital not to take that appropriately-neutral baby blanket home with us. We boosted them anyway, and there's one in each of the girls' baby boxes.

    I think it is an old wives' tale tha first babies are late. My first baby was a little early, though I'm not sure my story works for the study of such things because I was suffering from pregnancy-induced hypertension and they started labor for me in an effort to keep me from siezing or stroking out (God, but I love modern medicine!!)

    I'm SO glad you're posting these pictures. I, too, have been waiting for MusicBaby's arrival, though not nearly as long as you have, it seems. PLEASE pass along my love and good wishes to the MusicFamily.

    And you know what? Go ahead and cry. The birth of a baby is a miraculous thing and deserves that kind of emotion.