Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Trailer for the Movie that is my Blog

I'm sick. Not deathly ill or anything but I feel crappy and the only thing for it is go home after work and nap. I should be back up and running soon. I keep wanting to blog, though, and stopping myself since I really need to just nap and chill and be quiet and drink fizzy vitamin concoctions all evening long. So instead of a proper entry I give you a teaser to keep you checking back. In the next few days look for:

- Gas Leak in my office building (with pictures!)
- Brand new member of the Brunch crew showing us how brunch is really done
- Branding myself as an "Aunty Blog", it's a new category but I think it's about to take off
- I poached my mother's 1 gig Flashcard (with more pictures!)
- Shakespeare and DVD
- Chekhov and me (and everyone who came to see my play about him and what they said and what I thought and why it made me happy and crushed all at the same time)
- My mother is a trip, and her latest trip to NYC (with fewer pictures than you might think, given the Flashcard I talked her out of)

I hope that none of you have this creeping crud that I have. The nice thing about the internet is that you don't have to worry about getting my germs if you get to close to this post. The sad thing is that, as my voice descends into Kathleen Turnerdom, you won't get to hear it.


  1. I heard about the gas leak on the day it happened, people, and I'm telling you that this story ALONE should be enough to keep you checking back. There's drama! There's excitement! There's suspense!

    Kizz, I'm sorry you feel crappy. I'm sending you love and anti-viral energy.

  2. Does the Kathleen Turnerdom include the wierd undercurrent of a British accent?

    Get well soon ,:^)

    My word verification is: "oxiynnmn' !!!

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

    You wouldn't catch so many germs if you didn't sleep around so much. Hope you feel better.