Monday, May 01, 2006


So, I don't know what to say tonight but I said I'd say something every night.

Seems like I'm not the only one trying this out in one form or another.

When I post stuff like the previous entry and say that I try to take responsibility for stuff my brain thinks two things. 1. Oh my god someone is so going to write to me all, "You do NOT! Hypocrite!" 2. I sort of want my friends to give me a score on how well I'm doing with stuff like that. "B+. Would have been an A- but you had a couple of grammatical inconsistencies and your conclusion was incomplete." "9.3! Would have been a 10 but it turns out the French judge CAN be bought." "True enough, you aren't perfect, but hey, remember what you were like in college? So, yeah, big improvement."

Ideally I'd prefer any of the options under #2, but I know I've got to be open to #1 since this is the internet.

By the way, antibiotics are finished. Ear infection is not. Definition of "urgent" in my doc's office? Friday at 1:15pm.

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