Monday, May 08, 2006

Every day

This writing every day thing isn't easy. And I've just had one of those days where every thing you do turns a corner and becomes something else. It's not a day that's bad necessarily it's just wholly different from the plan. Some people might say that a day that alters from the plan is, by definition, a good day, but I'm not one of those people. Take it or leave it.

The most banal thing I could tell you, that I keep forgetting to record here, is that I have bursitis. (Swelling and extra fluid in the sac of fluid that helps joint bones hang together correctly.) It's in my knee. Feels gross. Sounds like old people. Treatable but not curable. Buy me reusable ice packs for Christmas!

The most exciting thing? Er...uh...well...oh! I had good news on the music recording front. Sounds like I can get cheap studio time to record my song starting in July! (Everyone send a big kiss to Alex.)

The best thing I could tell you is about Cancer Map. I thought this was going to be a way for people to mark themselves and their cancer type on a map and perhaps lead us to notice cancer clusters. It turns out that it's Media Guy's homage to his grandmother. She had recently moved to a city in New York State and didn't know what health care facility options she had there. When she was diagnosed with cancer she didn't have the sort of information about services that could have saved her life. Cancer Map is a map linked to message boards. When you click on your area you go to a message board about that area so you can read up on things that other people have posted about the services they've used or heard about or seen or whatever. In a fight where knowledge is power this sounds like a great way to disseminate knowledge.

That being said, I've never posted on a message board in my life and they intimidate me so I'm not going to be a lot of help to users until I get over all that. But I urge anyone with information to share to share it through this outlet. You know, if you feel comfortable.

OK, got to set the VCR up to tape Everwood and Medium before my call!

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