Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!

Mom spent her day trapped in the house. It is apparently monsoon quality at home and half a tree had fallen on the cars, taking an electrical wire with it. She couldn't go anywhere until the electric company came and removed the wire. THEN someone else would have to come to remove the actual tree. Given that the electric company was dealing with flooding and enormous outages so it's possible that she's still waiting.

I called, we chatted. Remind me to tell you about what. I'm still agog.

Did you call your mother?


  1. I not only called MY mother (who was still sleeping at 10am, God bless her!), I talked to my mother-in-law, my grandmother AND the mothers of two of my friends, in addition to making breakfast in bed for my wife (with the help of/in spite of my two little girls). As a guy, especially, I think it's my duty to show mothers the love.

    I'll be honest in saying that I don't pay attention to most holidays. My anniversary is New Year's Eve, so I've got that covered every year. Christmas I'm ok with just because everyone does it and I have vacation from school. I try to remember birthdays, but I forget most of them. The Valentine's Day union keeps trying to guilt me into remembering theirs, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay $42* for a rose just because someone says I have to. The minor ones never make the list.

    Mother's Day, though, I don't forget.

    Parenting is a thankless damn job and mothers, particularly, get the short end of the stick. "Mama" is the first name most children learn and they don't stop calling it--EVER (though , in the case of men, it often changes to "honey" once we're married). Since giving mothers a vacation doesn't work, I figure the least we can do is tell them we appreciate the fact that they're the go-to people for everyone.

    I still won't pay $42* for a rose, but I'll put a picture of one on the tray next to the French toast as I deliver it to the bedroom.

  2. I hope your mom has been freed of the floodwaters without much damage.

    On Mother's Day I just handed Emily a big geranium and told her to drive it over to Grandma. And take her sisters. Then I took a nap.

    Alright. I'd already been to Grandma's myself. It's just that now I have this really eager courier service, and I' bound to take advantage of it.

    And the nap was to get over the effect of teaching Emily to get the Tercel into first gear--an effect akin to sea sickness.

  3. I haven't talked to mom since the waters began to recede. I'll let you know.

    Oh god, the thought of taking a new stick shift driver out to lunch makes me sick to my stomach. It's humiliating as the learner but it's physically painful as the teacher! Good luck, and bring saltines...also possibly a neck brace.