Thursday, May 04, 2006

Let's see...things to say today.

Quote of the day: "He told me but...but...I wasn't listening."

Kudos to Chili! She had a huge presentation today for school and she fucking nailed it! The principal accepted her invitation to attend but let her know he'd have to leave early. Then? He didn't. Stayed through. Guess he liked what he saw.

Lot of talk about cancer today. I'm still mulling my "perfect entry" about what we do. Or at least the next in the series. But my Rockstar is having some real trouble with her treatment so she's been doing a bunch of research and I've been soaking in the secondary learning. We've mulled, we've chatted. She's shopping for oncologists and plastic surgeons now. As if I didn't dislike shopping enough already. Yeesh, can you imagine? Well, if statistics are correct I guess a good chunk of you don't have to imagine, you've had the "pleasure."

PapaKizz got some super news, he's starring in one of his favorite Pinter plays. Wait here, I'll go see if I can figure out which one it is.

I'm back. It's The Homecoming and it's at Boston Center for the Arts. This is a very big deal and a really good thing. Yay dad!

Hey, love the Recover Post button on blogger. Am disturbed by the frequent crashing of Firefox these days. Perhaps I should upgrade. Any suggestions?

Read the memoir Marley & Me, wrote more about it but it was killed in the last Firefox crash. Suffice to say dead dogs are sad and the wife consistently pissed me off throughout. Perfectly adequate memoir, very happy I didn't end up reading the dying dog part while on the subway or bus. Finished it at home then called Teddy's Girl to go dogwalking with us.


  1. Big up to Kizzdaddy!

    Are you feeling better today--you've been very productive!

  2. I've been going to work despite feeling crappy. Feeling even crappier today, on my day off, but am going to the doc. I was feeling, if not better, less tired so I did get a lot done.

  3. Anonymous8:25 PM