Sunday, July 09, 2006

New low

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.

I admit it. I read a lot of fanfic. I'm not afraid to say so.

But I may have hit a new, er, plateau. I just got an idea to write one. It'd happen sometime after the near tattooing of Veronica in The River Styx.

A gun Logan? A gun? You're going to get yourself killed!

It's not loaded.

She'd be all freaked out about the Fighting Fitzpatricks, she'd want to feel protected, she'd ask for shooting lessons. There'd be the inevitable steamy "here's how you want to grip it" scene. You know, like with CJ and Mark Harmon on the West Wing right before his character got shot and killed. Which would lead to explosions of another kind and that is the bedrock upon which successful NC-17 fanfic is built.

I suppose the real question is: Will I ever grow up?

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  1. You better not grow up... What would I do???