Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where was I?

Putting away my new skirts I found an Old Navy size 10 jeans skirt in my closet. Did I buy that? Since when do I have one of those? I have a vague memory of trying one on but it didn't fit, did it? I was on drugs at the time, it was right around my whiplash thingee last year and I was trying to buy the perfect outfit for the unrehearsal undinner for last year's first wedding. Maybe I did buy it. I mean the Costumier did sleep over 2 nights ago but she wouldn't have hidden something in my closet, she'd have made me try it on in case of alterations, right? I must have bought it. I can remember everything else I bought on that trip but I didn't remember that skirt.

People, this is why I don't tidy up. If I can't see it, it doesn't exist.


  1. I LOVE found clothes! Do you like it? Does it fit?

  2. I found it about 15 mins before I left for work today so I didn't have time to find the answers to those questions. It's like talking about a night of drinking where you lost time, I keep having memories of the skirt resuraface. I think I wore it a couple of times last summer. Possibly with some truly inappropriate shoes.

  3. Heh. I love that you have "truly inappropriate shoes."

    I'm in a bit of a clothes dilema - a bunch of stuff that says "10 petite" and SHOULD fit me, doesn't. What's THAT all about? I'm not any bigger than I once was - in fact, I'm getting smaller now that I'm not stress eating about my internship - these things SHOULD slip right on, and yet? Not so much.

    I am not amused.

  4. OK, I'm wearing it right now and it fits. It's possible that it fits even better than it did last year. I don't think I'm any different than then. I mean I hope but I don't think so. But I do like it. I should be wearing it all the time now.

    Chili, it's a 10, too. So I don't know. I haven't been able to squeeze into a 10 of anything in ages so maybe it's the establishment trying to fuck with us both. What it says on the label is NEVER what it says on our bodies.

  5. You're both assuming that sizes transfer from store to store and manufacturer to manufacturer. If that's true, why do I wear LL Bean 6's but the size 4 skirt at TJMaxx that I really wanted was too big? Hmmm?