Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Like crack, only expensive

Thanks to the generosity of Alex and Jay I went into a recording studio to record something for myself for the very first time ever. I was part of a group sing section of Suspicious Fishes and I was part of the studio audience for Never Been to Vegas but I've never gone in to record something that's just me. You know?

It's like crack. Hot, sweet, and intensely addictive.

Oh man, I could have stayed for the whole day and I could have recorded everything I know how to sing until my voice cracked, broke and bled out onto the cool, ratty, oriental rugs.

But, despite the fact that I was given every price break known to man (did I mention the generosity?), it still costs some doche. The other minor drawback is that you have to listen to yourself on the recording. That's kind of icky. But I was lucky enough to have 2 really good sets of ears to listen with me and tell me what's good and the same two people know way more about recording than I do so they could tell me what tricks of the trade could smooth out the rough spots in a good take. I'd be podcasting that shit right here if there wasn't still some magic to be performed. Apparently we'll listen again, we'll mix and we'll have it mastered and THEN let the podcasting begin!

A long while ago C-ann said I should record a CD and I balked a bit at the cost and my own lack of knowledge. Today was my way of trying it out to see how it felt and if the time, effort and cash would be worth it. I'm beginnning to understand that it is. So very worth it.

There does tend always to be, though, one thing that brings me down off a high like this or a good money decision. Today it was coming home to find that when I'd turned on the fan part of the AC before I left I'd actually turned on the AC part of the AC and therefore had spent 6 hours conditioning the air of all Brooklyn.


  1. I can't WAIT for the podcast! YAY for you!!

    I know that this blogging stuff is often beyond our little circle of knowledge, but see if you can find someone who knows how to post a tip jar on your site. I'll send everyone I know to listen to your podcast and encourage them to leave you a li'l sumpin', just to help offset your costs.

  2. This is really exciting! Money..., who cares? You can get more of that. What you need is CDs.
    Hope you can post an ...I-Pod or whatever you call it. I'd love to hear something.

    Speaking of putting things on your web pad, did you ever figure out site meters?