Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who does this?

The Prospect Park dog group, Fido, send out a newsletter every so often. I just got an e-mail drawing my attention to this news story (I can't find the actual story and I've got to go walk my own dog):

"NY Post Friday Aug 11th

Essentially, it was reported that a Central Park dog found a chunk of ham which had been loaded with pins and needles and managed to eat a portion of it before the owner realized what was happening. The dog was brought to a veterinarian where induced vomiting produced over thirty needles.

This was obviously a deliberate act and dog owners who frequent public parks should exercise caution and be alert for suspicious objects. If you suspect your dog has eaten something more than the "usual" garbage rush them to the nearest Veterinarian's office."

It's possible (thought not probable) that the ham was planted by someone involved in a lawsuit to end off leash hours in the entire city. There are a lot of dog haters out there. I could give you a laundry list of reasons why this is stupid and park safety is at the top of the list but, like I said, have to go walk my own dog plus in this forum I'm probably preaching to the choir. More likely it's just some sicko, could be a dog-hating sicko or could have been a homeless-person-hating sicko or even a squirrel-hating sicko, I suppose.

If this had happened about 8 years ago I'd be terrified because Miss Emily had the fastest garbage-swallow in 3 states but she's been cured of that.

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  1. There's Cammie right in front! Not eating any cat food *unlike Bobby*