Monday, September 11, 2006

Can you take a little more?

Vanx is participating in a blog tribute called the 2,996 Project. I'm not linking to them because their site doesn't appear to be working today. Perhaps their bandwidth was overcome. Through Vanx, though, I've got 2 entries from the project to share.

Vanx for Jennifer and Carmen.

Keda for Eric.


  1. Ha! I gues this answers my secret e-mail comment. I'm kind of relieved. These things were difficult to write. I appreciate your linking me (again!)

    And didn't Keda do a splendid job? I love her blog. I told her that the last few days have me focused on the words of her countryman, David Bowie: "I never thought I'd need so many people"

    Peace and Love

  2. Hi Kizz

    The project link works now. It's:

    They put together a list linking to all the tributes. Very nicely done.