Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So, apparently Oprah is telling everyone to make gratitude journals. Five things a day to be grateful for. Feels like today's a good day to start with that.

1. All the kids, the Athlete, Blondie Girl, MusicBaby, Alita, the Chilis, Steph, Bud, Bricklayer's son, QuewlKat, LilyB, all of them.

2. New York City. Love it, warts and all.

3. The pets. Em is all sacked out, blocking my exit, stuck to my ankle like glue.

4. It's stupid but TV, it makes me feel better.

5. You, if you're reading I'm grateful for you, so thanks and all.

Now, click on the comment section and give me 5 things. If I can do it so can you. It'll be good for you, I promise.


  1. 1)a paying job
    2)my DVR
    3)my fat but otherwise healthy body
    4)the stray cats I've adopted outside but cannot touch due to heinous allergies.
    5)my friend E. who I have never called kizz or anything other that the full name. wierd that.

  2. ps.
    you know I think Oprah is the Antichrist, don't you?

  3. I thought you liked her, what happened?

  4. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Good way to start the day!
    (1) All the lovely, intelligent, talented, hilarious women I know with just enough (and not too much) good sense--Kizz being a supreme example.
    (2) Philadelphia, and my cool apartment therein (yes I mean it)
    (3) Coffee
    (4) Art & books and all the people who keep making them
    (5) Family--all kinds

  5. LOVE this!

    1) My family - both blood and chosen. I am profoundly blessed with much love in my life, and I know it.

    2) Modern conveniences. My car. TiVo. Hot water in the shower. Telephones, computers, and the ease of communication. Contact lenses. Toothpaste. You get the idea.

    3) My good health and the health of the people I love (see item #1). While "health" is not always the most stable item on the list (I know we're all, at times, struck with colds, infections and other nastiness), we are all, for the most part, upright and healthy.

    4) Our relative safety. I don't have to worry too much about my children's school being stormed by hostage-takers or about someone walking into my local Panera and blowing themselves up. I'm not so arrogant to think that those things could NEVER happen here and am watching with increasing horror as our nation's policies continue to ignore the idea that they COULD, but for now, I'm grateful that they don't.

    5) I've once heard it said that a person can count themselves as wildly fortunate to have had three TRUE friends in their lifetime. I can think of many more than three people whom I love - and who love me back - in ways that go beyond "friend." I judge my value as a human being by the quality of the people who call me friend, and I know - every day - that I'm well and amply blessed.

  6. 1) Krazy Kat
    2) Ignatz Mouse
    3) Officer Pup
    4) Coconino County
    5) The brick

    Astonishingly, my word verification is onomatopoeia for a brick whizzing through the air and terminating upon a feline konk: "vzspa"

  7. 1) My job, especially but not limited to the people (young and old) here

    2) One guy & three dogs

    3) My family -- by Chili's definition

    4) Mobility and the energy to use it

    5) And, since it's premiere week... Aaron Sorkin

  8. Vanx, I'm not sure that your list is quirky and mysterious or just the mad ravings of a guy who did too many drugs as a teenager.

    So, which is it?