Monday, September 25, 2006

Great Idea Receptacle Part ?

I came up with a great tv series. Usually I just have ideas for storylines for current series but this is brand new. I think it has its origins in the conversations that ProfDoc and I had when Dawson's Creek was going off the air and we wanted to come up with a new series so we could still see Josh Jackson once a week.

I don't have a name for this one, yet, it'll probably be the name of the baseball team in question, or a play on the name. It's Bull Durham meets Mystery, Alaska meets Ed.

So, picture a quirky small town, probably in Pennsylvania or Ohio, a la Stars Hollow or Everwood or Stuckeyville. Our hero (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a father of 2 (one teen girl, one younger boy) who sells landscaping equipment. One of his clients is the local minor league baseball park. JDM wins the lottery. The one thing he splurges on for himself? The local minor league baseball team, whose Manager is his old high school friend/enemy (Scott Patterson). Once we establish this connection it becomes more of a buddy show about these 2 guys.

Once he owns the team his wife, who has been waiting for this opportunity, takes half the money and leaves him, he pays off all their debts etc and he probably ends up living on the edge in terms of finances to keep the team going. His daughter finds herself immensely popular with the boys in town, the jocks who want a chance to try out for the team, while her long time geeky admirer sells peanuts or assembles stats or something for the team. There's a Statler & Waldorf type pair who come to every game. I'd like them to be female and to own small businesses in the town. One might be JDM's financial advisor. They might be sisters or they might be "sisters". It'd be good to have a solid, long-term love relationship for the boys to live up to.

I see women hitting on JDM but him never being able to close the deal. SP, on the other hand always gets the girl. Or a girl.

There should be a woman who tries out and ends up being able to play on the team. Like Bad News Bears, you know? My first instinct was to have her be a catcher but there are way too many bad, sexist jokes to be made there. I think she'll be a shortstop, she'll be faster on her feet and able to make quicker decisions under fire. Though there might be a long term flirtation between her and JDM I'd rather she not sleep with anyone she works with.

I need someone to do the math for how much debt JDM might be in, how much the team would cost at first and then to run and how much he'd have to win in order to have plenty of money and then accidentally end a little closer to where he started. With that information I think I could write the pilot. Screw that I can probably write 5 episodes and outline 5 more.

I see it on the CW probably, it might make a nice summer series, which would be perfect because it'd keep us in the minor league season.

Then, THEN I'll need someone who knows where I can pitch it.

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