Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I declare anew

In 5 years I want to be making my living with work I've published and by performing in schools and on other stages.

In the next 3 months I wil have a short story published. I will have re-written and assembled beautiful new Shakespeare marketing packets and distributed them to 10 top schools on my list of targets. I will have completed another draft of the Chekhov and have the script ready for production and/or publication. My house will serve me with a spacious storage closet, an efficient filing system and a cheerful appearance. I will have a 2 song demo CD complete with cover art and copies pressed with a plan for the recording of a full-length CD in place and ready to be implemented.


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    You are an inspiration! I know you can do it.


  2. And, as I've always been, I'm right here behind you!