Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Information Cul de Sac

We've spoken here briefly about the work being done on my building. It's good work, it's going to keep the building from falling down. That, in my opinion, can't be a bad thing.

When I say that the equipment rests outside my window I want to make sure we're clear. Outside every window in my apartment rests a window washing type of flying scaffold. In my bedroom, one of these windows is, without exaggeration, a foot from my head. Every morning the guys come up and walk the perimeter of the roof clearing the debris from the previous day's work.

Three points of order: 1. I have sheer curtains with no blinds. 2. Sometimes I do not wear a full set of pajamas to bed. 3. In the information that the management office put out we were assured that the work would take place Monday through Friday.

It's been raining a lot lately. I've been wondering if the weather was putting the work way off schedule. Apparently yes. This morning, a Saturday, before I was out of bed the brick guys showed up.

I hate the guy who runs our management office. On his very best day he's adequate at his job and a lot of the time he's just plain awful at it. I'm thinking that if I had explicitly told the people I work for that they would only have work done on weekdays and then that changed I would have at least posted a sign for those people to tell them to wear pajamas and refill their inhalers.

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