Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cheap Trick

Here's another way to keep things going during the push to post once a day. Respond to comments in a new post!

Julie says: Okay, I'll admit I didn't read either of your links, but from what I understand of the Madonna thing the only special dispensations she got were permission to take the kid out of country while the process goes through and a waive of the live in country for two years rule. I think it might be feasible to consider them as the same: instead of fostering in country for two years she is fostering in England.

BTW, why has noone gone into the details of Angelina Joliepitt's adoptions? I am not sure she got any special favors, but the public is so interested in her, I am surprised they haven't dug.

First, bad girl, at least click the links! :) The thing I've heard about the special dispensation is that she adopted from a country that does not allow international adoption. It's the fact that the child's father is in contact is what's putting a bunch of people up in arms. Not sure why the Jolie-Pitt stuff is not being talked up more thoroughly, possibly because Jolie has been so active in humanitarian efforts by the UN so she's got a history of helping whole populations rather than lifting one child out without regard for the community, which is how the Madonna adoption is being portrayed.

Chili says: I think we may be jumping the proverbial gun a bit - it's not November yet, and I'm already trying to get in at least one new post a day. Here's hoping I don't burn out before the challenge expires!

For those of you joining us, know that I'm an English teacher and, as such, have access to eleventy-zillion writing prompts. If you're ever feeling like you need a creative shove, let me know....

I'm thinking of the November project as being a habit that one needs to get into. So, I don't feel as though I'll be using up all the good ideas, I'm just building the muscle so it won't give out during the actual challenge.

Chili re: the 100 Prompts: Wait! This is a COLLABORATIVE effort? OH! Okay! I thought it was a "Kizz is gonna write something for every item on the list at some point" sort of thing. I thought I was just borrowing the idea, but I love that it's a group effort. SO much less pressure that way!

Oh god yes, please collaborate with me. It's gonna take me forever to do them all! I'm working on Prairie right now. Hoping to have it ready to post tomorrow.

Vanx said a long time ago: I'm hoping, by the way, that you'll weigh in on the current dog leash law flap in "our" fair city. What are your Emily's thoughts?

I think it's fucking stupid is what I think. So does Emily. She wants to go to the home of the ass monkey who thought this up and shed all over him, vigorously. I keep starting to write about it and am so annoyed by people's stupidity that I can't even string thoughts together coherently. Some people in one neighborhood can't get along so they're going to waste court time hashing it out while also fucking half the city up the ass without lube by abolishing off leash hours? I'm so livid. I have to get past the livid and construct sane and convincing letters to the powers that be. I'm trying and I'll keep you posted.

JClemo says: This was one of the best posts I've ever read, and a touching semi-tribute to the Saginaw Times.
"Hey, you got Law and Order in my Homicide!"
"Well, you got Homicide in my Law and Order!"
And while you both were sleeping with the same guy, I was wondering why, also.

A. I'm so glad you're reading man!
B. Who said that first? Was it me? I wish it was me but I can't remember clearly.
3. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know already. Our hindsight is 20/15!

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