Sunday, October 08, 2006

Construct - Character Sketch

Lanie likes the way going to her belly dance class feels. She's not good at it but it feels good to go.

She used to spend Monday nights curled up on her couch reading romance novels and nibbling popcorn. Air popped, no butter, she didn't even like it really but it made her feel virtuous and feeling virtuous muted the silent scream inside her. The voice telling her how worthless she was, how she wasn't going to get any better either, sitting holed up alone in her room.

So, belly dance.

She really wasn't very good. But something told her that she could be, that she was going to be if she just kept going. Because some days, days when she stopped muttering instructions to her stuttering limbs and just let go, she could feel something ease inside herself. It was a glimmer of what might be but it spoke to the belief that in a week or a month, it'd even be OK if it was in a year, that she'd be spinning free and simple and she would feel beautiful.

And that would be a good start.

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