Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Stupid Mouth

Since I was flapping my gums all over about the adoption issue then I suppose it's only right that I at least say something about Madonna's international adoption. The most honest thing I can say about it is that I haven't read up on it. So, let's leave it to the experts.

Brooklyn Mama, whose daughter came to her through international adoption, talks about it. She's afraid that this particular adoption will paint the entire process in a bad color. I think she's got a point, what she tells me about the adoption does sound pretty sketchy.

Katie Granju
talks about it a bit but lord knows I can't link to it for you so please just scroll down (it's pretty far down). Katie isn't shy or obtuse with her opinions, you'll recognize it easily.

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  1. Okay, I'll admit I didn't read either of your links, but from what I understand of the Madonna thing the only special dispensations she got were permission to take the kid out of country while the process goes through and a waive of the live in country for two years rule. I think it might be feasible to consider them as the same: instead of fostering in country for two years she is fostering in England.

    BTW, why has noone gone into the details of Angelina Joliepitt's adoptions? I am not sure she got any special favors, but the public is so interested in her, I am surprised they haven't dug.