Sunday, October 29, 2006

New babies

Last week MKAEP had a blessed event in her home. She is now marveling at the sweet babies, and purchasing C1@ritin in bulk. I remember when my kittens were this little, so sweet and vulnerable. Seems like a long time ago. They're still sweet but they can take care of themselves now.


  1. Ooooh! KITTENS!

    We were just looking through an old photo album of our (now 14 year old) kittens. They were impossibly small and helpless - now they are deeply loved pains in the ass.

  2. They are amazing. I haven't had babies since I was a wee one...the last batch I remember died very shortly after i baptized them on a very cold day in my swimming pool. Sweet Baby Jesus. sad. but true. Looked in on them today and one grey one had one eye open. apparently that was stressful and now it's shut tight. wish I could do that! I'm sneezing and hacking like my head is about to explode. . . oh well. claritin is helping. and my Stormy kittie, I think is now Stormin Norman. a boy after all. good grief.