Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No parts for the tall girls

Anna was saying something the other night that implied that there were just no parts for girls who looked all freaky like she does. Totally freaky. Tall, dark, brilliant smile, breasts, hips, long legs. Yeah, she's gonna have to wait until they start remaking those Alien movies before she can get any work. Poor girl.

This installment of hot people is comprised of women who are similar to Anna in height or build or a little bit of both. Stay tuned for her litany of protestations as to why these women are completely different and she will never work in this business ever. I'm asking her to leave all that in the comments. If we're really lucky she'll send me a picture of herself to post so she can prove her point and you'll see how pretty (and castable) she is.


  1. I love, love, LOVE Sara Ramirez! I love how comfortable she is in her own skin, I love how she just oozes sexy-confident amidst all the skinny girls on Grey's Anatomy. I agree - I think she's Capital-H-HOT!