Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not like the the one on the moors

I do love me some Lady Heather. The relationship between her and Gil Grissom is built so beautifully, people using the same character traits to do vastly different jobs. I just wish that Melinda Clarke were known for this job, especially the episode where her daughter is killed, more than for her stint as Julie Cooper on the OC. Just goes to show you, as an actor, that you have very little control over how you're remembered. Your best work isn't guaranteed to be what everyone wants to see. I'm sure that Sylvester Stallone has mixed feelings when those arm wrestling fans track him down. Hmm, I wonder what Sly would like to be remembered for/as.

So, I'm rambling, but interesting question, isn't it? What would you like to be remembered for?

No idea, I haven't a clue in the world.

Off to see the Rangers beat some guys from Pittsburgh up! More tomorrow!


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  2. I only know Lady Heather as Lady Heather - I was never contaminated by the OC. And I do so agree with you. The relationship between Lady Heather and Gil is beautifully crafted and exquisitely performed.

    I think you and I have had this "how do you want to be remembered" conversation before. I was once given an assignment in an undergrad English class to write my own obituary. It was a very "It's a Wonderful Life" experience for me to take a few minutes to see how my existence on the planet impacts others.

    I want to be remembered as a good and true friend. I want to be one of the first people my friends think of when they need something, when they want to share exciting news in their lives, when they need the proverbial shoulder. I try to be cheerleader, tour guide, and sounding board to those I love. I strive to be a solid and consistent sort of friend, and I work hard to maintain my relationships. I live my life to be worthy of the love of the people in my life, and I am grateful every single day for my friends.