Sunday, October 22, 2006


Years ago I lived with a guy who said that he read to slowly to keep up with subtitles and the introductions to movies. I think we were probably watching Star Wars at the time and I started a tradition of reading the opening narration to him. By the end I did it with everything we saw (at home, not in a theatre, never in a theatre). For some reason, probably all the deliciously British bad guys in Star Wars, I read those first ones in an evil British accent. So now, many, many years later, I still read all opening narration in any movie in that stiff accent. Never in front of other people, but always when I'm alone.

So fess up, what endearingly quirky things do you do?


  1. I don't know how generally endearing it is, but my husband likes that I bang the toothpaste cap closed after I use it. I'm in the habit of making up both our toothbrushes (well, to be fair, whomever gets to the bathroom first makes up the toothbrushes) and I seem incapable of closing the flip-top cap without tapping it on the counter to be sure it's closed properly because, you know, no one likes dried out, nasty toothpaste.

  2. I had a quick moment to catch up on my blog reading and came across this post. I have to add to it. Chili knows that I do this thing with my teeth when I'm concentrating or otherwise spacing blankly. She says she finds it endearing. I hardly notice I do it anymore.

    On the subject of voices and accents, my children will confirm that I simply cannot read a book to them without doing at least some sort of silly character voice. They are particularly fond of Lola's voice, from the book I Am Not Tired and I Will Not Go To Bed. I do the same thing in school with the stories we read. Frankly, it keeps us ALL entertained.