Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Separated at birth

Long lost brothers perhaps. Who knows?

I went to see the Knicks last night. They don't look half bad. That little (5'9") Nate Robinson dude (not pictured) has a golden arm and, amazingly, he's not the only one who's consistently finding success from three point land.

No, not exactly going to turn me into a basketball fan again but I had fun and I feel better informed. You know how much I like to have the info.

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  1. I have a student in my public speaking class who was all worked up - and ready to quit the class - because he didn't feel he could come up with a "good" informational speech topic. In a conference in the hall, I asked him what he already knows something about, what he'd feel comfortable talking about, and he said "basketball."

    I'm a football girl, 100%. Beyond that the point is getting the ball in the basket and that different distances from the basket earn different points, I know zip-point-shit about basketball. I asked him to talk about the game's origins, to discuss its popularity and the tie-in to culture, particularly marketing, and to give a quick discussion about some of the iconic figures - past and present - in the game.

    I'm hoping, after Eric's speech, to be better informed because I, much like you, love to have the info.