Monday, October 02, 2006

Thinking about girls

I am thinking about girls a lot today. Apparently I am not the only one.

Thinking about the girls he was ruminating on makes me think of this:

C.J. Cregg: They beat women, Nancy. They hate women. The only reason they keep Qumari women alive is to make more Qumari men.

Nancy McNally: So what do you want me to do about it?

C.J. Cregg: How about instead of suggesting we sell the guns to them, suggesting that we shoot the guns at them. And by the way, not to change the subject, but how are we supposed to have any moral credibility when we talk about gun control and making sure that guns don't get in the hands of the wrong people? God, Nancy! What the hell are we defining as the *right* people?

Nancy McNally: This is the real world and we can't isolate our enemies.

C.J. Cregg:
I know about the real world and I'm not suggesting we isolate them.

Nancy McNally:
You're suggesting we eliminate them

C.J. Cregg: I have a briefing...

Nancy McNally:
You're suggesting that...

C.J. Cregg:
I'm not suggesting anything. I don't suggest foreign policy around here.

Nancy McNally:
You are right now.

C.J. Cregg: It's the 21st Century, Nancy. The world's gotten smaller. I don't know how we can tolerate this kind of suffering anymore, particularly when all it does is continue the cycle of anti-American hatred. But that's not the point, either.

Nancy McNally: What's the point?

C.J. Cregg: The point is that apartheid was an East Hampton clambake compared to what we laughingly refer to as the life these women lead. And if we had sold M1-A1's to South Africa fifteen years ago, you'd have set the building on fire. Thank God we never needed to refuel in Johannesburg!

He killed the women. No, he killed the girls. He went into a small room filled with some of the more defenseless people in our country. He let some of the adults and all of the boys go. One might even conjecture that he ordered them out. Then he bound and killed girls. Probably little girls. All of them under 18, probably well under 18 years of age. And because of something that happened to him, an adult with a wife and children and a job and responsibilities, he killed little girls.

There are a lot of good things about being a girl. There are, frankly, a ton of shitty things about being a girl. People feel free to belittle you, to instill fear in you and, apparently, to kill you when they feel bad.

You know what feels bad? I'm betting that being 7 years old and having your feet tied and getting shot in the back of the head feels pretty bad. And I'm betting that 20 years from now the girls who survived will feel pretty bad still. But you know what I'll bet they won't even consider? I'll bet it won't occur to them to find a group of little boys and shoot them in the head.

They're killing women. They hate women. The only reason they keep women alive is to make more men.

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  1. That West Wing scene makes me cry every single time. It's beautifully written and powerfully acted and it resonates because there's truth to it.

    What are we teaching our children that this continues to happen?