Sunday, October 29, 2006

This year's effort

Which also went unrewarded except for the adulation of the crowd. Emily even went so far as to sit pretty in front of the judges table for her picture.

Little Bo Peep and the Wolf in sheep's clothing. (It was hard to get a picture of the crook but it's there, I promise, and it's gorgeous!)

Both dogs were relatively chill about wearing the costumes but getting them to sit together and face the same direction for a photo proved to be impossible.

I took Em for a 45 minute walk this morning before the contest to try to get the ya yas out so she'd be calm in the crowd. You're supposed to do that for puppies, adult dogs are supposed to just sort of chill and deal on their own. Not my dog. The whole exercise proved to be wasted effort. She was all keyed up anyway.

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  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    How adorable--I can't believe they didn't win!